January 30, 2015

About Us

For nearly 30 years, ProInk Software has been an industry leader in providing quality tattoo parlor management software to thousands of businesses worldwide. Based in Los Angeles, we have worked closely with top business owners, managers and consultants to create a comprehensive, personalized software solution for tattoo parlors and piercing studios. This ‘client built’ aspect of our product has always set us apart from the competition and informs our evolution. We believe software should meet the needs of the client, not require you to conform to limitations of a pre-loaded, generic management solution.

From DARCI’s automated marketing and business management features to providing your social media and website analytics, our client-centered philosophy has led to innovative developments that help you succeed and thrive. Most importantly, you never need to worry about outgrowing us; Our software is scalable from single-operator beginnings to nation-wide franchise dreams.

It’s time to take your tattoo parlor to the next level, it’s time to join the thousands of businesses that rely on ProInk to help them grow and thrive!