March 16, 2017

Paired Mobile Apps

Your Clients, Your Employees, Your Business. Paired.



At ProInk, we’re always working to ensure our clients have the best tattoo and piercing studio software solutions on the market. That’s why we’re happy to announce our new mobile apps solution, Paired. The service works directly with our ProInk Online software and includes 2 mobile apps: one for your clients and one for your staff.


-PERSONALIZED LOOK. Your brand is important. Our competitors’ generic apps diminish customer loyalty and some even suggest services from other businesses! That’s why our client app has your logo, colors and selected imagery to ensure the app is “on-brand” with your shop’s aesthetic. It’s YOUR app, for YOUR clients.

-PUSH NOTIFICATIONS & MESSAGING. Say goodbye to SMS texting with push notifications and in-app messaging! Send appointment reminders, marketing campaigns and personal messages directly to your clients that can display as badges, banners and alerts on their smartphones. The app is also bi-directional, so your clients can confirm their appointments and send direct messages to your studio.

-BOOK APPOINTMENTS. Online booking is good, in-app booking is great. Instead of googling your business to click “book now” on a website that may not be mobile-optimized, your app lets clients seamlessly browse available services, providers & times and book their appointment in realtime. Clients can also view their upcoming appointments at anytime and receive appointment reminders via badges, notifications and alerts!

-PURCHASE PRODUCTS AND GIFT CARDS. Recommending product? Promoting gift cards? Your client app makes it easy for your customers to access your online store. From pushing promotional products to scanning gift cards right from your customers’ smartphones, the client app makes boosting your bottom line even easier.

-DARCI. From personalized “thank you” and “we miss you” messages, to product cycle and buy-again reminders, DARCI can stay on top of your clientele. Imagine the impact on your retention numbers when DARCI sends a personalized message to everyone that hasn’t been in for a month, 3 months, or even a year! Your client app works directly with DARCI to display your messages and links right within the app.


-CHECK UPCOMING APPOINTMENTS. It’s 2:00 a.m. and you need to check what you have on calendar tomorrow. We have an app for that! Your staff app allows your employees to check their upcoming appointments in realtime and receive notifications when a new appointment has been booked.

-SEE YOUR NUMBERS. Setting goals is important and seeing your daily progress can help you reach those goals. That’s why the staff app shows your employees their daily services booked, service revenue, product sales and product revenue in real time. The app also projects expected numbers based on current bookings, so your employees can stay on track!

-BOOK APPOINTMENTS. Run into a client outside of work? Now your staff can book their next appointment right from their app, allowing your “go-getter” employees to improve their numbers at all times!

-MESSAGING. Forgot to tell your boss something? Employees can send direct messages to the shop directly from their smartphone at all hours, so your staff can stay in communication 24/7.